High Risk Occupations and Hiring Safe Drivers

High Risk Occupations and Hiring Safe Drivers

Hiring safe and reliable drivers is a critical component of a successful trucking company. Inadequate hiring practices can lead to accidents, poor performance, damaged equipment and loss of customers/contracts. Negligent hiring practices can be particularly damaging given the possibility of legal ramifications, fines, settlements, etc. Psychological pre-screening conducted by a seasoned professional can help. I’ve worked as a psychologist in personnel selection for over 15 years helping to identify successful candidates for high-risk jobs. The benefit is actually two-fold when you consider the advantage of hiring high performing candidates, and the headaches you avoid for not hiring substandard and risky drivers. The use of psychological tests, in conjunction with a structured interview and a safety test maximizes your chances of identifying good drivers.


What does psychological testing offer beyond what we currently use?

The field of Industrial Psychology established long ago that personality variables do predict job performance and are considerably more valid than an interview.[ref]Hogan, R., Hogan, J., & Roberts, B. W. (1996). Personality measurement and employment decisions: Questions and Answers. American Psychologist, 51(5), 469-477.[/ref] In-depth personality tests measure important traits such as conscientiousness, conformity and self-control. [ref]Barrick, M.R. & Mount, M.K. (1991). The big five personality dimensions and job performance: A meta-analysis.Personnel Psychology, 44, 1-26.[/ref] Considering these three traits, we know that responsible drivers are more likely to be conscientious, considerate and more mature. Drivers who are conforming are more likely to obey rules and follow directions. The personality trait of self-control should be self-evident. Companies want drivers with good self-control because they’re SAFER, more patient and often more dependable.

How long does it take to do psychological screening?

The applicant will spend approximately three hours in my office.

Will it violate EEOC guidelines?

No. Dr. Jordan uses non-discriminatory testing. All procedures are compliant with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

If you want drivers who are safe, can follow instructions and act like adults then call me. In my 16 years of practice, I’ve helped companies select truck drivers to haul everything from fill dirt to nuclear waste. Simply put, you need to know who’s driving that truck! I can help.


Dr. Jordan is a board-certified psychologist who specializes in Police and Public Safety Psychology.  He practices throughout Colorado and the metro Denver area providing testing and assessment work for police departments, sheriff’s offices, fire departments and a wide range of private entities.  Dr. Jordan’s primary area of expertise is  pre-employment testing for public safety applicants and Fitness for Duty assessments both for public safety and other organizations.